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Top 10 Reasons to Attend St. Joseph School

A Strong Catholic Foundation for Children

Saint Joseph School is a mission-based, Catholic elementary school for boys and girls in Preschool – Grade 8. The school’s culture and curriculum are rooted in faith and character formation based on Catholic values. Each student is encouraged to live his or her faith through kindness, caring, and service to others – building a foundation for life.

Personal Development of Each Child

The members of the faculty and staff at Saint Joseph care about each and every student. They strive to help students not only achieve success in school, but in their personal maturation and development as well. Hand-in-hand with their academic preparation, this helps students form a strong foundation for life, and puts them on the path of understanding who they are and discovering their unique purpose.

“I have watched my children grow in responsibility. They know the fundamentals of their Catholic faith and have a strong understanding of the difference between right and wrong.” – Saint Joseph Parent

Saint Joseph School is a Welcoming Community

The Saint Joe’s community is like a family. The school’s staff and the families that attend have a special bond and work together to make Saint Joseph School a truly special place. Any visit to SJS is sure to be met with smiles and warm hellos. And that same warmth and inclusive attitude can be found at any event or gathering with Saint Joseph families. It’s one of the biggest reasons so many Saint Joseph families say they love being part of the community.

“I love the feeling of being part of such a supportive community.” -  Saint Joseph Parent

Excellent Academic Programming

The challenging academic programming at Saint Joseph School helps students gain knowledge and increase confidence in their abilities. Our teachers are well trained at helping each and every child reach his or her potential—and our academic results speak for themselves. SJS’ national test scores rank in the top 10% of the country, our students consistently score among the top high school entrance test-takers (with an impressive number being awarded high school scholarships each year) and several former Cavs have earned National Merit recognition in high school. Not only that, Saint Joseph School is proud of the multiple top awards for its academic team and consistent high placement at archdiocesan academic competitions.

Cavaliers Aspire Higher

“Aspire Higher” is our motto, our rallying cry—a true summary of what it means to be a Cav. That’s why everything at St. Joseph is focused on encouraging and equipping our students to strive for excellence in all that they do. Cavs aspire higher in the classroom, on the court, in the community—everywhere. This culture instills a foundation in our students that benefits them long after they leave our halls. In fact, many SJS graduates report that they felt very prepared for high school due to their strong foundation from Saint Joseph School. They also say they felt confident to pursue opportunities in school and beyond because of the experiences they had at Saint Joe’s.

Personal Attention

Saint Joseph School is a private Catholic elementary school that values community and recognizes the unique gifts of each student. The school size is just right for teachers to get to know each and every student, allowing for the personal attention that each needs to be successful.

Highly Qualified Teachers

A highly skilled, talented, and dedicated teaching staff makes Saint Joseph School an outstanding choice for any child.  The teachers are experts in the subjects they teach. A well-balanced combination of experienced educators and new teachers with fresh ideas work together to create an environment that is fresh and always evolving in the best interest of the students.

“The St. Joseph teachers have a real passion for teaching and genuine interest in student development.”  - Saint Joseph Parent

Convenient Location

Our ideal location right off Buttermilk Pike in Kenton County allows for a simple, fast commute from the surrounding communities of Crescent Springs, Villa Hills, Fort Mitchell, and Fort Wright. St. Joseph’s excellent reputation and easy access from I-75 also draws students from areas like Florence, Erlanger, Edgewood and more. Those parents say it is well worth the trip to be part of the Saint Joseph School community.

Parental Involvement

At Saint Joseph School, parents are actively involved in their child's education. We believe in the concept of a three-way partnership where the student, teacher and parent work together to create the optimal learning experience. There are also many volunteer opportunities that give parents additional ways to get involved. Whether you have a lot of time or just an hour or so, there are always plenty of options to choose from. You can serve lunch in the cafeteria, chaperone a field trip, help with class projects, join the PTO, organize events and more. Check out how you can get involved today!

Students Can Explore Their Unique Interests

There are many ways for Saint Joseph students to explore their unique interests and passions outside of the classroom. SJS offers a variety of extra-curricular programs that have a positive influence on the development of children including Robotics Club, Academic Team and Crazy for Animals. Students can also sing in the choir, take part in the school play, or join an athletic team. There are countless ways for children to get involved and have a balanced, rewarding elementary school experience.

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