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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send medications to school?

Any medication, prescription or non-prescription, must be sent to the office in its original container. The container for prescription medicines should be properly labeled by the pharmacy including name of patient, medication, and proper dosage. Prescription medicine may not be kept in the classroom or in the student's possession. If a parent finds it necessary for their child to take medicine during school hours, the medication should be sent to the office with a permission note giving the name of the medication, the amount equal to one dose, and the time the student is to take it. It is the student's responsibility to come to the office at the proper time to administer the medication to himself/herself. School personnel will not administer medicine.

Is there a school family phone directory?

The phone directory is completed at the beginning of each new school year.  Families may obtain a copy by completing the PTO information form and joining the PTO. (There will be a $10.00 fee to join SJS PTO.) Generally, the directory is published by the beginning of October each year.